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Athletics & Activities

K-8 Sports

At Signature Preparatory, we believe that academics and school environment are just the start of an exceptional educational experience—that’s why we offer a wide variety of sports programs for our K-8 students. 

Sports benefit young children in many ways, from developing physical strength and endurance to learning cooperation, teamwork and thinking strategically. All of these benefits will help shape our students into strong, confident, and well-rounded leaders. 

Our sports teams are divided based on grades (K-2, 3-5, and 6-8). There are both competitive and recreational teams, allowing all students to participate at a level that is comfortable for them.

To register, contact us or visit the front office for more information.  Our sports programs are available to all enrolled K-8 students.

Athletics Paperwork Requirements

 In order to ensure your child’s safety and academic success during the Sports season, the following documentation and payments must be made by the first game of each season.  Student athletes who have failed to complete the Physical Form, National Sports ID, Eligibility Form and $150 payment will not be permitted to play in games or practice until complete.

 In order for students to be eligible to play, they must be in good academic standing and demonstrate appropriate behavior in their academic classes.

 The following documentation and payments must be completed before the 1st game of the season.  If documentation and payments are not complete by the deadline, your child will not be able to practice or play until completed.

Seasonal Sports Sign-Up

Each season Sports Sign-Ups can be accessed at the link attached below

Sign Up


Registered Athletes

*Returning athletes must log in and link accounts to their Coach & Team they are playing for that given season*

Login here


More Information

NCSAA Sports Fee

This payment can be made online please contact Ms. Katelin Arzola in the front office at

 Payment includes your NCSAA sports fee and a Sig Prep sports uniform.

If you need to be placed on a payment plan, please contact the front office.

$150 fee per student athlete.

Season Schedule

Your student/athletes schedule can always be accessed at the following link:

Physical Form

It is mandatory that all student athletes complete the Physical Form.  Due to the NCSAA regulations, all student athletes that have failed to complete and turn in their physical form to the front office will not be permitted to practice until physical form is completed and turned in to the front office. 

 *Returning athletes do not need to complete unless notified by school.

Rules and Expectations

Student Athletes

  • Dependability: We expect your athlete to be at practice everyday.

  • Responsibility: If you know you won’t be at practice, let the coach know.

  • Accountability: Teammates hold each other accountable for all actions on and off the field.

  • Teamwork: Everything a player does with their team has a (+) or (-) effect.

  • Positive Attitude: Attitude affects your actions-be positive.


  • Discipline: Teach the players the value of hard work.

  • Knowledge: Teach players the game and how it relates to life.

  • Enthusiasm: Moods have effects on everyone around you.

  • Respect: Treat everyone the same in terms of fairness, and differently as individuals.

  • Authority Figure: The coaches decide who plays where and when.  


  • Support: It is important to encourage your child.  
  • Make sure you know the difference between encouragement and coaching from the stands. Please don’t coach your kid from the stands.
  • Support the Team: Remember that our goal is their accomplishments.
  • Represent Sig Prep with class and RESPECT. Officials do not determine games.
  • Valid Concerns: Parents need to voice concerns that are valid.


Player/Coach Meeting: At an appropriate time after practice 

Coach/Parent Meeting: Coaches should not be approached after games.

  • Please set up a time to meet.
  • 24 Hour Rule (Please allow 24 hours to speak with a coach). 

Resolve: The chain of resolve should be

  • Player-Coach
  • Player/Parent and Coach/Head Coach
  • Player/Parent and Coach/Head Coach and Athletic Director

Fall Sports

Spring Sports


Mr. Todd M Faranda, Athletic Director

Mr. James Thues, Assistant Athletic Director


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