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Only 2 Days Left


As of right now, you could win…

- Principal for the day for only $126
- Priority Pick-up for only $76
- VIP Seating at Holiday & Spring Concert for only $6
- Extra Recesses, Pizza Parties, Grand Prize and much more

The silent auction link can be found in the Parent Resource section of our website or by clicking here.

Here is a list of this weeks student/teacher prizes.

THURSDAY: Top 3 classes will receive an EXTRA RECESS and the teachers and EXTRA PREP PERIOD (Teachers will REALLY appreciate)

FRIDAY: Last day for GRAND PRIZE (Crazy Kitchen & Karaoke Contest) and ALL CLASSES who raised at least $790 over the last two weeks (ONLY $2.50/DAY PER CHILD) will receive a PIZZA PARTY. (Your teachers will update you on class totals)

Middle School is closing the gap and pushing for a win!


Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide the best educational experience to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment."

Signature Preparatory is dedicated to providing our K-8 students with the best academic, extracurricular, social, and developmental opportunities possible. Through our R.A.I.S.E values and drive for excellence, we know our students will be prepared to be great leaders of tomorrow! 

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